Automobile insurance protects you from financial loss in case of an accident. There are varying laws on the type of auto insurance you need depending on your state, and when financing your car, your lender may even have their own coverage requirements. Having someone who understands auto insurance requirements and what you need is helpful for making sure you’re choosing the best policy. If you’re uneasy about choosing a policy, here are a few reminders as to why you need auto insurance:

  • Even without insurance, you’re still liable for damages and injuries. Not having insurance does not excuse liability. Instead of an insurance payout and premium increase, drivers are at risk for paying thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket after an accident. It’s a large risk to your financial stability to avoid paying a premium.
  • Not having insurance will make you “high risk” for the rest of your driving career. Not having insurance will make you appear as someone who doesn’t value following the law and who is irresponsible. This allows future auto insurance providers to charge you more down the line when you do decide to get insurance.
  • Without insurance everything is out of pocket. In the case of an accident, medical bills and repair costs can quickly add up. Without auto insurance, you’re looking at a ridiculous amount of money that you’ll be expected to pay. Not many people can afford to replace their car if it’s totaled in an accident or is stolen.
  • Serious legal repercussions. Every time you drive without insurance, you’re risking your driver’s license. Even if you’re pulled over for a routine traffic stop, you can be in a lot of trouble for being unable to provide your insurance information.

There’s no good reason to avoid auto insurance. In the long run, auto insurance can save you costly repair costs or medical bills. Don’t put yourself at financial risk, talk to one of our local Viera agents to learn more about your Florida auto insurance options.