What is my hurricane insurance deductible? What does it include? Do I need a better plan?

Are you covered in the event of a hurricane? Or will you be hit with another nasty surprise when it’s all over because you don’t have the right plan? Let us help you be insurance wise.

Do you enjoy all these hurricanes? Most people don’t even realize what the hurricane deductible is.

The standard deductible is typically 2% of what your home is insured for. Having $8,000 in hurricane damages and not even exceeding your deductible is not the situation you want to be in. And, let’s face it, these past three years have shown us hurricanes are becoming more frequent than ever.

Hello, my name is Michael with Wayne Anthony Insurance. We have been insuring Brevard county and beyond for over thirty five years. As an independent agent, we are not tied to any one carrier. This gives us the most options in the marketplace to find the right insurance products for your needs.

We would love to review your policy and reduce your out-of-pocket exposure. Also, be sure to ask us about a flat rate hurricane deductible. Call us today, and let’s review your insurance options. Unless you like risk, Wayne Anthony insurance, the right agency with the right coverage for you.